We maintain the public roadmap at:

The below roadmap is a short version of what we release based on monthly updates

December 2020


  • Init command to create local and remote clusters

  • Support for Mirantis K0s clusters

  • Support for KinD clusters

  • Support for Rancher K3d clusters

  • Support for Rancher K3s clusters

  • Kubectl is not the default command used

  • Support for Civo automated cluster creation

  • GPU plugin for V2

  • H2O support for V2

October 2020


  • Kubeflow pipelines support

  • Argo Workflows support

  • GPU support

  • Tensorflow Serving for ResNet models support

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux support

  • Civo Cloud support


  • WSL improvements

  • Cloud Deployment initial support

  • Tensorflow Serving - MNIST support

  • KFP SDK support

  • Jupyter Notebooks support