We maintain the public roadmap at:
The below roadmap is a short version of what we release based on monthly updates

December 2020


    Init command to create local and remote clusters
    Support for Mirantis K0s clusters
    Support for KinD clusters
    Support for Rancher K3d clusters
    Support for Rancher K3s clusters
    Kubectl is not the default command used
    Support for Civo automated cluster creation
    GPU plugin for V2
    H2O support for V2

October 2020


    Kubeflow pipelines support
    Argo Workflows support
    GPU support
    Tensorflow Serving for ResNet models support
    Windows Subsystem for Linux support
    Civo Cloud support


    WSL improvements
    Cloud Deployment initial support
    Tensorflow Serving - MNIST support
    KFP SDK support
    Jupyter Notebooks support
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