Learng k3ai by doing it. Here you'll find all you need to become a master in k3ai

What I will learn?

Let start with the basics. Here's how we structured the examples section:
Hello-Home: this is the first step. We suppose you don't have anything set up so let's start by enabling you to install a cluster you may use and a Jupyter Notebook to work with.
Hello-Earth: this is the second step. Let's introduce some more concepts, We will teach you how to create a basic pipeline with Kubeflow, but first, let's install it and see how to combine notebooks with pipelines.
Hello-Universe: this is the third step. After building a pipeline, and learning to write and train a model, we move on to the inference server side. Here you'll learn to interact with the model serving use cases
Hello-All: this is the final step. Let's add a mini web-app and create an end-to-end scenario in order to see our results live!
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