Civo Cloud
Civo was born when our small team first came together to create an OpenStack-based cloud for a shared hosting provider. Read their story here:
In 2019 we went all in and took Civo in a new direction, launching the world’s first k3s-powered, managed Kubernetes service into beta.
As easy as can be, K3ai works perfectly on Civo. Here it is the simplest guide ever to run k3ai on Civo - three steps and your k3ai is ready!

Installing k3ai on Civo

Ready? It requires less than 5 minutes!
You'll need an account on To do so simply register on Civo here:


All you have to do is simply type:
k3ai init --cloud civo
Wait for the instance to finish the deployment
k3s deployment

Step 2

Download the kubeconfig file, move it to your preferred location, and set your environment to use it:
kubectl config --kubeconfig="civo-k3ai-kubeconfig"

Step 3

One last thing and then we're done:
k3ai apply <your favorite plugin>
enjoy your k3ai on****
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