Kubeflow Pipelines
Kubeflow Pipelines is a platform for building and deploying portable, scalable machine learning (ML) workflows based on Docker containers.

Quick Start Guide

We offer to flavors: Kubeflow pipelines based on Argo Workflows and based on TektonCD engine
#To install KF based on Argo Workflows
k3ai apply kubeflow-pipelines
#To install KF based on TektonCD
k3ai apply kf-pipelines-tekton

What is Kubeflow Pipelines?

The Kubeflow Pipelines platform consists of:
    A user interface (UI) for managing and tracking experiments, jobs, and runs.
    An engine for scheduling multi-step ML workflows.
    An SDK for defining and manipulating pipelines and components.
    Notebooks for interacting with the system using an SDK.
The following are the goals of Kubeflow Pipelines:
    End-to-end orchestration: enabling and simplifying the orchestration of machine learning pipelines.
    Easy experimentation: making it easy for you to try numerous ideas and techniques and manage your various trials/experiments.
    Easy re-use: enabling you to re-use components and pipelines to quickly create end-to-end solutions without having to rebuild each time.
Learn more on the Kubeflow website: https://www.kubeflow.org/docs/pipelines/****
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